"Go Bags" help keep Toledo police prepared for the worst

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - It's a tool that Sgt. Paul Davis loads up everyday, and it helps keep him ready to respond to life-threatening situations.

β€œIt allows me as soon as I pull up to the scene to get into action,” Davis said. "It's very easy for me to get to and manipulate and use.”

Davis carries around what Toledo Police refer to as a "Go Bag."

"I can throw it on and have all this right here," Davis said while wearing the bag.

It contains everything from gauze to tourniquets and even extra ammunition.

"I just rip this apart and have three extra magazines aside from what I already have in my rifle up front," Davis said while showing 13abc his "Go Pack."

The idea behind it all is to keep TPD officers prepared for the worst when it comes to mass causality situations.

"It's being prepared and being able to utilize my equipment as fast as possible," Davis asid.

Sgt. Davis has had his "Go Bag" for nearly four years now, but not every officer is required to carry one. While leaders encourage everyone on the beat to do so firefighters say the kits can make all the difference.

"They're going to be able to help us out in the initial care," Pvt. Sterling Rahe said.

Rahe says in most cases police are the first on the scene in active-shooter situations. In those times when seconds count he says "Go Bags" have the essential items to help victims before firefighters take over.

"That initial care within seconds is going to be paramount for any patient that has a traumatic injury," Rahe said.

TPD supplies officers with extra bullets and some of the medical supplies. When it comes to the bags themselves officers are responsible for buying those along with any additional items they want to carry along.