Judge sentences Brian Golsby to life without parole in Reagan Tokes murder case

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVG) - The jury recommended life without parole for Brian Golsby for the murder of Reagan Tokes on Wednesday. The judge sentenced Golsby to life without parole.

Golsby was found guilty of the kidnapping, murder and rape of Tokes, 21, in February of 2017. The jury took only a few hours to reach a decision of guilty for murder, aggravated murder, kidnapping, rape, tampering with evidence and escape charges.

On day four of deliberations in the penalty phase, jurors reached a decision on whether Golsby would be sentenced to death. The jury recommended life in prison. The judge handed down that sentence Wednesday afternoon. The prosecution also clarified that the court cannot overturn the jury's recommendation and sentence Golsby to death, going on to ask the court to impose the life without parole sentence on all counts in the case.

Reagan's Mother, Lisa Tokes, thanked the prosecution team, the judge and the jury for their work during the trial.

Lisa Tokes said, "Regardless of the verdict, it doesn't bring our daughter back."

"What can never be taken from us, however, if the love that we had and have as a family and the love and memories we share with Reagan," Lisa Tokes said. "We know that Reagan is in Heaven and evil has not won."

The judge thanks Lisa Tokes and told her that reading her statement took a lot of courage.

The judge offered Golsby the chance to make a comment prior to the sentencing. Golsby waived that right. The judge also mentioned the other pending robbery cases against Golsby before handing down the sentence.

"If law enforcement hadn't done what they did, who knows if we would have had other victims," the judge said. "You asked for mercy, sir, and you showed none that night," the judge said to Golsby.

Tokes went missing after working at a Columbus area café. She was a student at Ohio State University. Police say she was abducted before she was shot and killed.

Tokes was a graduate of Anthony Wayne High School. Golsby was released from prison in November of 2016 following rape and kidnapping convictions in 2010.