Good Samaritans rescue an emaciated pup dumped in a Toledo street

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TOLEDO (WTVG) - Good Samaritans rescued a puppy found dumped in the middle of a Toledo street. The pup is severely malnourished, has mange and one of her legs is deformed. The Good Samaritans rushed her to an emergency vet clinic. At first, the vet wasn't even sure the little pup would make it through the night.

But she's made remarkable progress in a matter of hours. Despite her rough start in life, the puppy now has a family to love her from here on out. Tracie Kester-Stanford rescued the pup,"She was in critical condition. Her body temperature had dropped by ten degrees.. As you can see, she is emaciated, she has mange and various skin conditions going on with her.In addition to all that, she has a bad leg. We don't know if the leg will get better with proper nutrition or if it will have to be amputated."

It all started last night, when Tracie was driving home with Melissa Stanford. They noticed a vehicle heading in the other direction stop, "As soon as we slowed down, that vehicle took off. We saw something in the road and we were like that is that?"

Melissa says it took them a moment to realize it was a dog, "The vet thinks she is about six-months-old. She should weigh 30-40 pounds right now. She weighs only 11.3 Pounds.She is a 2 out of 9 on a body weight scale."

Tracie and Melissa rushed her to MedVet for emergency medical care, "You can not only feel, but you can see all her ribs. She has no muscle it's all bone."

At first they were planning to have the puppy taken to a shelter, but that plan quickly changed, "We got home and talked it over with our five heartbroken kids. After talking to the kids, we called the vet back to say that she truly found us, so she's found her family."

The kids even helped pay for some of the medical bills, "Our kids put together $300 to pay part of her first bill. They really wanted to help. We are raising really decent kids.We are very proud of them."

After staying overnight at the emergency vet, the pup was doing well enough to be transferred to a regular vet. After a check-up at that vet this morning, she was cleared to go home with her new family.

They've named her Faith. Before taking her home,they made a quick stop at PetSmart in Rossford. They bought bowls, food,a bed and lots of toys. The staff at the store wanted to do something special to help Melissa and Tracie take care of Faith, so they gave them a $50 gift card.

With all her new toys and the love of her new family Faith is well on her way to a healthy and very happy life, "She doesn't have a mean bone in her body, and that is amazing considering all she's been through. She just wants you to love her."

Faith will no doubt get plenty of that with this family. She will have to visit the vet about once a week as she continues to get better. Of course those bills will quickly add up. If you'd like to help cover the cost of Faith's medical care, we've posted a link to a GoFundMe page.

You can also make a donation to Faith's account at South Suburban Animal Hospital in Perrysburg. That number is (419) 872-0920