Good deal turns sour for Toledo woman buying car

TOLEDO, Ohio (13abc Action News) - The perfect car, the perfect price, it sounds like the perfect deal. One Toledo woman thought she was about to get a great deal on a car as she prepares to move.

The only problem is that she was dealing with crooks instead of a real seller.

In the pitch, it was a military person about to head off to active duty. They didn't need their vehicle anymore so they were ready to sell.

Ashley Dininger was ready to buy and it didn't turn out well. She went through Facebook marketplace to find a vehicle it all sounded good.

"When I got the ad I was really excited because it was in my price range so I started talking to them and they started sending me messages through text messaging," said Dininger.

She sent $900. The person on the other end said they wanted more.

"It was because they said they needed more money for shipping. And I was like well it said on the invoice that it was already paid for and that's when I put two and two together," said Dininger

She knew she wasn't getting a car or her money back.

"I did everything I could immediately but I don't think I'll ever see it again and that's the problem," said Dininger.

Sure signs of a problem are when they go to text messages and email. If you think it's an eBay deal and you're not on the eBay site then it's not a legit deal.

"It doesn't feel good at all but I’ll try to persevere through it I guess. I don't know," said Dininger

It's sad to say but you need to be skeptical of any deal these days especially online. If it's a cheap price, they're ready to sell quickly and you have not actually seen the item that's a bad combination.