Goodbye Mean Streak, Hello Steel Vengeance!

Published: Apr. 26, 2018 at 7:43 AM EDT
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Mean Streak is no more.

Instead, the bones of the wooden roller coaster are roaring back to life with a Steel Vengeance.

"It was great to have something to start with," says Cedar Point's General Manager Jason McClure. "Mean Streak was a great big wooden structure. One of the biggest in the world. And, of course, being Cedar Point we said, 'O.k. let’s make it bigger.'"

And in Cedar Point terms, bigger is always better.

Journalists from around the world were invited to be among the first to test out the ride.

On hand for the media preview April 25, 2018, was Fred Grubb, the owner of Rocky Mountain Construction.

His company, based in Idaho, specializes in revamping old wooden roller coasters with its patented I-Box track.

"One of the unique things about our company is we build all of our own products. All the cars. We Machine all the pieces. It’s all done right there in Idaho." adds Grubb.

Those designs have taken shape in Ohio.

Steel Vengeance is 205 feet tall, has four inversions and feels like a whole new ride. It's dubbed a hyper-hybrid coaster because of its height and its combination of wood and steel.

There is now a 90 degree drop, taking riders at speeds of 74 mph.

Did we mention there's more than 27 seconds of "air time?"

"This ride, and to end, is over 5700 feet long. So, it never gives up," says Rob Decker, Cedar Point's Senior Vice President of Creative Design.

Cedar Point is hoping yet another record breaking ride will draw tourist dollars from around the world to our area.

Watch the FULL RIDE in the video section.