Gov. DeWine, Ohio Children's Hospital Association announce pediatric mental health summit

Source: Office of Ohio Governor Mike DeWine

DAYTON (WTVG) - Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, in conjunction with the Ohio Children’s Hospital Association, will be hosting an event called Building Resiliency: A Pediatric Mental Health Summit in September. The summit is aimed at helping communities support the mental health needs of their children.

The announcement comes after a deadly shooting in Dayton's Oregon District that left nine people dead and many others injured. That shooting came just months after a devastating tornado in the same region destroyed homes and buildings and left many without power.

“...children in the Miami Valley are returning to the classroom this fall dealing with more trauma than they’ve likely ever experienced. The tragedies are compounded by struggles they, and children across Ohio, are already dealing with in their everyday lives,” said Governor DeWine during the announcement. “We know that children who face this type of turmoil have increased risk of depression and other mental illness, poor health, and decreased life expectancy. Fortunately, there are proven ways to help. Parents, teachers, and coaches can play a critical supportive role in helping build resiliency in children and reducing the negative impact of trauma. This summit will give members of the community tools to provide brighter outcomes for our children.”

Building Resiliency: A Pediatric Mental Health Summit is open to adults across the state who touch the lives of children, including parents, coaches, school personnel, counselors, and health care professionals. Attendees will learn how to spot the signs and symptoms of trauma in children and tangible strategies to address it from experts in mental health, health care education, and other fields.

"Bringing together the best minds in pediatric mental health and the critical partners who work on the front lines with children across the state is an important first step in creating real solutions that will not only build resiliency in children today but also give them the tools and resources they need well into the future,” said Deborah Feldman, President & CEO of Dayton Children’s Hospital and Chair of the Ohio Children’s Hospital Association Board of Directors. “We are looking forward to working with Governor DeWine and stakeholders across Ohio on this initiative."

On Tuesday, Gov. DeWine addressed the public and media following the Dayton shooting. In the address, he outlined his plans to increase access to mental health services with a focus on early intervention and support for children and teens.