Grass carp found spawning in Maumee River

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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Growing impacts of invasive Asian carp have brought on many new studies recently. One of the newest happening right here out of The University of Toledo.

The research took place just downstream of the I-80 bridge, around 11 miles from Lake Erie. Where five grass carp eggs were collected in mid-July.

Nicole king, researcher at The University of Toledo and Technician at the UT Lake Erie Center found the first proof of grass carp spawning in the Maumee River. "If agencies want to do any sort of management of this species they need to know when and where these fish are spawning” said King.

Invasive Asian carp has been a concern in the Great Lakes region for years. The biggest problem remains big head and silver carp. They’re already in the Mississippi River basin and if they make it to the Great Lakes, it would mean big trouble for the lake's food system.

Here locally in the Sandusky and the Maumee Rivers, it’s grass carp that are being monitored. "Grass carp are one of four species that are known as Asian carp, grass carp are strictly herbivores. They eat aquatic vegetation and pose a threat to our wetland habitats."

Which could lead to impacts on native species such as pan fish, largemouth bass and pike. However grass carp do not directly compete with every native species as would big head or sliver carp. But it is still a species agencies don't want to see become established.

The research done at UT helps efforts to better understand population and distribution of grass carp. So they can take on the ground action to control or eradicate current grass carp populations