Grocery shop from the warmth of your car

TOLEDO, Ohio (13abc Action News) - Laurie Featzka is doing her weekly grocery shopping from inside her car.

She simply pulls up to the Maumee Kroger location and workers bring out her weekly groceries, loading them into her car.

"It's freezing and I felt kind of bad having everyone come out here and bring groceries, but I did it anyway."

The service is called Click List and it allows shoppers to fill their grocery cart online, and select a time when they want to pick it up at the store of their choice.

"They're realizing I don't even have to get our of my car, and people will bring it to us directly and I can stay in my warm car and get everything that I need," says Davis Wells of Kroger.

Once the order gets to the store, personal shoppers like Robert Kandick go around the store, filling the order.

"You can literally get anything in the store, anything from groceries, meat department, can be something as simple as pharmacy items, with the exception of prescriptions," says Kandick.

The first three orders are free to fill, and then the charge is just under $5. More and more stores are starting the service which also includes Meijer and Walmart.