"Haboob" and rain blast Arizona

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TOLEDO, OH (WTVG) – There has been a lot of wild weather video from Arizona this week. This large dust storm is called a Haboob, which is the most dramatic type of dust storm you can find. The cloud of dust can reach 5,000 to 10,000 feet high and race across the desert at 60 mph. Arizona has had nearly 100 damaging wind reports since the weekend with winds up to 80 mph. Along with the damaging winds, there has also been a lot of rain.

It is monsoon season in the desert southwest. The word "monsoon" means a seasonal wind change that brings in moisture. Moisture from the Gulf Of California and the Gulf Of Mexico is transporting more humidity into the desert southwest and the result has been a disruption in the region's hot and sunny forecast. Monsoon season normally peaks in late July and early August. The dry winds normally return by late September if not earlier.