Celebration of life honors late Harvey Steele of K-100's Shores and Steele

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Harvey Steele of K-100's Shores and Steele has passed away. He was 60 years old.

Family and friends invite the public to celebrate Steele's life at a Walker Funeral Home on West Sylvania Ave in Sylvania Township on Wednesday, Jan.3 from Noon - 8:00pm.

Steele's longtime radio co-host Gary Shores confirms Steele died Thursday morning.

Steele worked with Shore for for 23 years at K-100. Seventeen of those years were spent on the county station's morning show.

In an interview with 13abc about his previous, life-saving liver transplants earlier this year, Steele said about working in radio, "Since I was 14-years-old Gary and I got into this wacky business,"

Steele's long-time career in radio was almost cut short. At the age of 40, he was given just days to live with end-stage liver disease.

"I got some bad blood, I guess you could say," said Steele. "I went in to have a procedure done and that blood was Hepatitis C."

Steele received two life-saving liver transplants and on November 5th, he celebrated 20 years of being healthy.

"It's a very emotional thing when I stop and think about it," said Steele. "There is probably not a day that goes by where I don't think about either my donor or his family, or just how lucky that I am that his family helped him make a decision."

"Without that man, Harvey wouldn't be standing here today, and that's a pretty amazing gift," said co-host Gary Shores.

Steele's Sister, Janet, made the following public post on Facebook:

"My brother, Harvey J. Steele, age 60, died this morning. He had a life-saving liver transplant 20 years ago but had recently become a very brittle diabetic. He had been in ICU in a coma since Saturday with a blood glucose level in excess of 1000 mg/dl, about 10 times what blood glucose should be. Mom and Dad adopted Harvey from The Cradle in Chicago when he was 3 months old. This picture is Harvey at age 14. He always wanted to be on the radio and built a radio station, WOW, in his room. His friends would come over and they would all play radio. In high school he broadcast his classmates' football and basketball games on Charleston's WEIC radio station. Harvey went on to be extremely successful as an on-air radio personality at K-100 ("Today's Best Country") in Toledo, Ohio. With his partner, Gary Shores, they had the number one show during the morning drive-in (5-10 am) in the region for 20 years straight. He and Gary were also recognized by the Country Music Association in 1995 as having the best country radio show. Yes, he has a CMA award just like all the famous singers. A fund is being set up in his memory through the Toledo Community Foundation and details will be on the radio station's web site tomorrow (WTOD/WKKO Toledo, Ohio)."

Donations can be made to the Toledo Community Foundation by clicking the Harvey J. Steele Memorial Fund link on this page. His family says that the money will be used to help people in our community and will include some sort of organ donation component.