Hate crime case moves to federal court

Published: Aug. 1, 2016 at 6:41 PM EDT
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Authorities say two men targeted and beat a black man in a federal hate crime in Toledo. Monday the suspects faced a judge. One of them appearing in court with a black eye

33-year old Charles Butler and 25-year old Robert Paschalis are accused of beating a black man with a broom stick and using racial slurs. Butler has a black eye. He was beat up in jail because an inmate didn't like what he allegedly did. Their victim, 47-year old Adrian Williams wants justice.

"I hope that they really throw the book at these people," said the victim Adrian Williams.

Surveillance video from a businesses near the attack caught what Butler and Paschalis' did on camera. The suspects drove past Williams on Lagrange near Michigan then circled back. One of the suspects reaches into the back of Williams' truck grabs a broom stick and hits the victim several times. Police say that was Butler. They also claim Butler later posted on Facebook the attack was "in the name of the white race." The state will no longer try to prosecute the men .

"We we requested a dismissal of the accounts that were indicted against Mr. Butler as well as Mr. Paschalis based upon the fact that the Department of Justice last week filed criminal complaints for a hate crime violations for both defendants," said Lucas County Prosecutor Frank Spryszak.

The federal prosecutor says the attack was unprovoked. Butler's lawyer declined to comment, but Paschalis attorney said this

"The evidence hasn't come in yet. we are still in the preliminary stages," said attorney Spiros Cocoves.

Williams still worries about his safety and has put up several security cameras around his property. He says there's no place for racial violence in our community.

"It's 2016 there's not need for us to hate people. We need to learn to get along with one another," said Williams/

The Lucas county jail does not have a protective custody. Butler has been move to a different cell on a different floor.