Healing Cuddles

We may have all the latest medical technology available at our fingertips but sometimes it's the simplicity of human touch that can offer the most healing moments.
That's the goal behind a program that Sandy Pollauf believes his her life calling. "My family has always laughed, they thought that I was the baby whisperer, when babies are crying and need comforted, always give it to Sandy, she'll quiet it down," says Pollauf.

Sandy volunteers in the NICU at Mercy St. V's where the need for cuddlers is increasing as the number of babies born addicted to heroin continue to fill the special needs nursery. Neonatologist Dr. Minda Te M.D. says the role of cuddlers like Pollauf, calm the children down to the point where they require less medication in some cases. Pollauf says "I've notices in these cases that if I take an addicted baby in my arms and hold it very tight against my body, it just calms them down."