'Hero' hotline established to counsel stressed-out COVID-19 responders

Published: Apr. 6, 2020 at 4:34 PM EDT
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There is a major effort underway to take care of the mental health of our rescue workers and health care providers.

It's a free counseling line set up by The Zepf Center that is dedicated to these local heroes.

According to a press release, area professionals woh are working to combat the COVID-19 pandemic can access Ohio Heroes by calling 419-841-6781. It's a free, confidential service.

"Really what we're hoping to do is help people process some of the grief and loss that people are experiencing,"

Kristen Bruce with the Zepf Center said. "Process the enormous ever present amount of stress that our first responders, administrators medical personnel are experiencing right now."

The level of stress for people in the treatment field right now is unprecedented.

"The fear that they might bring this home to their family. The conflict between being a family member and being a medical personnel. The worry about what's happening with your team at work and what's happening to your family when you're not there," Bruce said.

Bruce said what has worked in the past to combat stress might not be as effective now.

"We're seeing high amounts of irritability, loss of sleep, problems in relationships starting to affect people, and that's really what we're wanting to address," Bruce said. "Let's give you an outlet."

Some additional resources are available:

• Crisis Hot Line: 419 255 3125, or text 4HOPE to 741741

• Lucas County COVID-19 Emotional Support Line: 419-442-0580