High water threatens area crops

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(FINDLAY)--- Farmers and agricultural experts are working to assess damaged crops caused by heavy rains and floods in Northwest Ohio.

Recent storms and near-record flooding along the Blanchard River and its tributaries are blamed for damage to soybeans and corn.

Glen Arnold from the Hancock County Ohio State University extension office told 13abc.com that some farmers "will lose yield due to rains causing plant death in fields." He said some crops were submerged after rivers overflowed.

For sloping fields with good drainage, soybeans will likely survive. But for fields that are flat or have heavier soil, the soybean crops will be hurt. Corn crops planted early will likely survive the heavy rains but those planted late will struggle. Arnold concluded "it's a mixed bag" for farmers in Hancock and Putnam Counties. Those who have fields along rivers and creeks that are out of those banks will face the greatest losses.