High winds creating waves on Lake Erie, flooding along Ottawa River

Published: May. 8, 2019 at 9:16 PM EDT
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Brent Heldt is frustrated.

Once again, the Ottawa River has water-logged his garage and ruined some of his stuff.

Toledo built a levee along the water's edge that's worked. But the flood gate the city put behind his garage leaks and floods the streets and the neighborhood.

He says Toledo claims no responsibility because it's an act of god.

Brent says, "It's a man-made structure. I didn't think it was a God issue. It was something to do with the maintenance of the gate."

Fortunately, Brent hasn't suffered any major damage.

Just up the road and across the Michigan line from Brent, another spot that floods.

Residents tell us the waters have creeped toward their houses 14 times this year.

Wednesday, the water is three- feet higher than normal and spread 40-yards from the banks to their homes.

But the river area was protected from the gusty winds and battering waves.

Along Lake Erie's shoreline, chops were two to three feet and rolling fast and splashing up against sea walls.

The only remedy, dying winds that shift back out toward the lake.