Holiday shoppers choose local

TOLEDO, Oh (WTVG) - For a local business owner, there's nothing better than a shop full of people.

"It's super busy. We love it," Jessica Crossfield, owner, Handmade Toledo, said.

Just a few days before Christmas, uptown and downtown businesses are cashing in.

"We're expecting our last-minute shopping party," Crossfield said.

At Handmade Toledo, the shopping rush was in full swing Thursday evening.

"Everything in the shop is handmade or made by independent artists or designers," she said. " It's just really exciting because they know they can come and and find out about the person who actually made it."

Area businesses also got an extra push late in the week because of the final Art Loop of the year.

"It's about shared experiences that we as a community and come together and have," Michelle Carlson, arts and youth services coordinator with the Arts Commission said.

Shared Life Studios, a non profit in Hensville, is happy to be apart of it.

"This is our Christmas celebration. We have a lot of signature pieces," Theresa Athaide-Victor, co-manager, Shared Life Studio, said.

Each one is the product of the artists from Lott Industries. Every penny spent in the gallery goes right back to the artists. Plus, every person through the door helps to break a stigma.

"For them to be working and people seeing them to recognize that there is no difference between a person with a disability and another artist," Athaide-Victor said.

The businesses hope people continue to stop in, even after the holiday season.

"Downtown has definitely hanged in this last decade. If you haven't been down in awhile please come see what's going on," Carlson said.