Hotel Seagate project gets new management

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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - One of the major downtown Toledo redevelopment projects has new leadership. Hotel Seagate renovations are now under a new umbrella.

Lucas County leaders tell 13abc they're not expecting any change in schedule for the project and one of the biggest reasons is because the new managers are already in town and have a pretty good track record.

If you've driven through downtown Toledo you've probably seen what looks like a shell of a building. It's the old Hotel Seagate and it's starting to come back to life. That new management team for the project is First Hospitality. You may know that company better as the same group that redeveloped the Renaissance Hotel.

"It was a pretty immediate response. They saw the value of the project as our community does," said Lucas County commissioner Pete Gerken.

The county parted ways with Key properties, the company that was heading up the project. Gerken calls the parting mutual and says that's when First Hospitality came in to keep the project on track.

"One thing that we can absolutely always use and we will fill is more hotel space, especially the first class hotel space with lots of amenities," said Carla Nowak with Destination Toledo.

Nowak says what convention organizers want is a hotel connected to the convention center. Hotel Seagate will be the second, the Park Inn being the other.

"If you build it, we will fill it. We definitely need the hotel rooms and we definitely need something right here connected to the convention center," said Nowak.

The goal is to have this hotel up and running in the next few years.

This hotel will be phase one of renovations in that block. Next will be a renovation of the Seagate Centre and the addition of a ballroom. All of that expected to happen in the next few years.