How TPD prepares for a ground level attack

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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - What if a mass shooting happened in the heart of Toledo? How would Toledo police respond? We talk with the city's top cop to find out how local police prepare for a ground level attack.

"Over 400 people and 50 dead it's insane," said Toledo police chief George Kral.

Toledo police chief George Kral says we're seeing too many of these mass shootings.

"I saw the video of the automatic gunfire. Where did this person get high capacity magazines? Where did this person get fully automatic weapons which are regulated heavily. It saddened me and it angered me," said Chief Kral.

The chief says mass shootings like this affects every city. He says once the dust settles the Las Vegas police department will complete what is called an after action report. Toledo police will study it.

"We'll dissect this incident and other incidents and create scenarios that are based on this happening so we can show the offices here what's you did. this was right. This was wrong and then we train at it. train at it and train at it," said Chief Kral.

Chief Kral can't release tactical details for safety reasons. Times have changed how law enforcement responds to an active shooter.

"The first one a decade ago it was we would wait until SWAT got there. Then we came in with a quad set up where we waited for three other officers and we'd go in. Now it's evolved into you get there, you go in and you eliminate the threat," said the chief.

ProMedica has a concert in downtown coming up this weekend. The chief has been in contact with Toledo hospital administrators to discuss security.