How To Avoid An Icy Fall

Photo: Max Pixel

The ice is truly beautiful to look at from the warmth and safety of your house. But waking up and walking on it may prove to be a different and more difficult task. Chris Conley is a Safety Supervisor for the BP Refinery in Oregon and trains all kinds of outdoor crews to negotiate the ice without taking a tumble. "Don't grab the stair railing, they're essentially useless if they're covered with ice," says Conley. "Instead try to stay as vertical as possible. Keeping your head straight and taking short choppy marching steps, big flat footed steps." Conley says situational awareness is key to staying safe, "When we're walking and we're distracted, whether that's a cell phone, whether we're engaged in a conversation with somebody or just thinking about what's going on later in the day, it keeps us from being in the moment and being aware of hazards that are around us."

If you do take a tumble and you feel that you've injured yourself there are some things you can check for to see if you may have any broken bones. Mercy Health Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Clay Carmony says a usual sign that it's a break over a sprain? "If you have pain directly over any bony prominence if you can push directly on the bone and it hurts, there's a good chance that you do have a break and seeking medical attention pretty quickly is a good idea."