How to use Engage Toledo to get your neighborhood problems solved

TOLEDO William and Kris Bates of South Toledo tell 13ABC they've been trying to work with the city since August 28th of last year to get the street in front of their South Toledo House fixed. "We went through our Councilman and nothing happened with that," says Kris, "And so I've done several Engage Toledo's and every time I put one in, it always gets closed out, I call them ask them why it's closed out because nothing's been done and they give me the same thing, Oh we'll have to reopen it. And so then they reopen it and nothing gets done." William says "Engage Toledo, I personally think it's a joke, I think they do nothing". After contacting the 13ABC I-Team, the city reveals that the road in front of the Bates house is scheduled to be fixed the week of July 29th.

Another trouble spot that residents say has been ignored by the curb in front of Greenwood Elementary off Alexis. Jeff Matuszak says he's lived in the area for years and has been asking the city for the better part of three years to fix the broken curb. "I've called the city and they've been polite and said they will send someone out to get the broken curb fixed. Nothing happened," says Matuszak. "This is a danger to people riding their bikes and walking. "Other areas of the curbs are crumbling and children who visit the playground often pick up chunks of the concrete and throw them into the street. They even wind up in front yards."

13ABC has received other similar complaints from Toledo residents. So Tonight on 13ABC action news the I-Team talks with Engage Toledo to walk you through the process and answer your questions about filing and following up on a complaint.



or Call:

You relay your information to one of the three portals listed above.
The city will automatically push it out to the department in charge of the service you are requesting.
The city will send someone out to inspect the issue and if work is needed then a work order is issued.
There will be a number on the report that allows you to follow up on the progress.
Not all requests will be able to be addressed right away and some not at all.
The city is working to improve the system by next year, so it will better relay the expectations of the outcome.