How to file pothole claims

TOLEDO (WTVG) - Potholes are creeping up across the area. Drivers say it's hard to dodge the big cavities, which can cause a lot of damage to vehicles. If you want to file a claim, you can contact the law director in the jurisdiction that maintains the road.

If you hit a pothole on an interstate or on a road maintained by the Ohio Department of Transportation, you can fill out a form with the state court of claims. You'll have to prove ODOT knew about the pothole before you hit it and that the agency failed to fill the hole. You have up to two years to file. A spokesperson says since 2013, ODOT has paid $3.44 million in reimbursement claims.

In Michigan, people contemplating a claim for an incident on a road maintained by the state department of transportation must also show MDOT knew of the condition and had the chance to fix it or that the pothole existed for more than 30 days. Drivers should also document damage and keep copies of any repair receipts.

Both agencies provide details on the process of filing claims on their websites. You can find the links on this page.