Humane society monitors horse living in Toledo neighborhood

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - A number of people in our community have reported seeing a horse living in the City of Toledo. The horse's name is Apache and he lives in vacant lots outside just off the Anthony Wayne Trail.

13abc has followed this story for a few years. Last fall, the horse's owner told 13abc he keeps Apache at a farm most of the year. However, the owner says he brings the horse to the city during the warmer months.

The Toledo Area Humane Society has made multiple trips to check on the horse in the last year. The head of the humane society says the horse needs adequate shelter. That phrase, he says, has a very broad meaning when it comes to horses and other livestock. That has the organization's hands tied.

"The difficulty we have is trying to enforce the law, which does not give us a lot of power to take the horse under the circumstances," says Stephen Heaven, president/CEO, Toledo Area Humane Society. "If you read the law, the definition of shelter for horses or other livestock can be something like a dip in the ground or a tree. So, under the state statute, we are stuck between a rock and a hard place."

Heaven says an investigator has checked on Apache and found the horse had both food and water. He adds a cruelty investigator will continue to monitor the situation.