I-TEAM: 13abc finds camp for homeless in woods near school

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TOLEDO (WTVG) -- Just off Detroit Ave. in the snowy woods, it looks like someone has set up camp.

Those who live nearby have heard rumors about homeless people living in the wooded area that borders a neighborhood. Some residents have even spotted a person going through the garbage, or items missing from unlocked vehicles.

"Book bags, but not money or gift cards or things there," explains Juanita Pettaway, who lives across train tracks from the woods.

Those apparent thefts she described took place in the Summer.

In the frigid cold of Winter, the man who allegedly lives in the woods is drawing concern from parents whose children attend nearby Beverly Elementary.

"Oh yeah, everybody has been (talking about it)," said Nichole Miller, a parent we spoke to outside Beverly Elementary. "They've mentioned it and they've talked about it, but nobody has really done anything about it."

One father contacted 13abc and asked us to look into it, so we took a short hike to investigate and try to offer assistance.

When we got into the woods, it was clear someone is living there and has been there for a while. There's a makeshift shelter fastened out of a tarp, plastic grocery bags filled with items hanging from trees and fresh tracks in the snow.

After hours of waiting for someone to return, 13abc never saw a sign of the person allegedly living there. That offers little consolation for parents concerned about their kids and others concerned about the welfare of someone who may need help.

13abc reached out to Toledo Public Schools and Toledo Police. Both plan to send someone out to try to make contact with whoever may be living in the woods.