I-Team: Couple fights to get paycheck after basic training

SYLVANIA, Ohio (WTVG) - A Toledo area man is back home from basic training. He's ready to start his civilian life. The only problem was he didn’t have his money from his time in the service.

The problem wasn't with the Army, they paid on time and that was the easy part. Taking that check and getting it into a bank account was turning out to be the biggest problem.

Austin Lawrence served his basic training at Fort Benning. When it was over, he was discharged and ready to start his life in Sylvania with his wife. They'd take the money he was paid and start that life. So they deposited the check in a Huntington bank on Monroe Street.

"They told us probably about 10 business days for it to clear because of the amount. Nothing abnormal there," said Amanda Lawrence, Austin’s husband.

They tried to withdrawal the money after the 10 days but could not. The Lawrences say they were told the check was flagged for possible fraud.

"How can it be fraud when it comes from the US government," said Amanda Lawrence.

It was a large check and the couple had just opened the account, so it makes sense that the bank was skeptical. Army officials said they'd re-issue the check as long as they received the old one. That was mid-May according to the couple. Neither they nor the Army say they received the check yet.

"It's a slap in the face that I've went and served for this country," said Austin Lawrence.

"I tell him every day that I want to fight for you because you're my husband and you deserve this money. This is money you worked hard for," said Amanda Lawrence.

So now they waited without the money, without the check and without much of an idea as to what was coming next.

"I was just excited to get my life going. It kinda feels like we hit a brick wall," said Austin Lawrence.

The 13abc I-Team started reaching out the representatives from Huntington Bank last Friday. That's when they started working on the issue.

The Lawrences tell us they did receive their money in their account Monday afternoon. They now have full access to it.