I-Team Investigation: Food Stamp Fraud

TOLEDO (13abc Action News) - Some might see it as a victim-less crime. You simply swipe a card and it’s over. It’s food stamp fraud and it’s on the increase in some parts of our community.

Now efforts to stop this fraud are increasing and 13abc takes you behind the scenes to show you how that enforcement is happening.

We’ll show you how your tax dollars are being wasted and which group is trying to make sure they’re not. They’re trying to make sure the people doing this are caught and brought to justice.

The Food Stamp program in Ohio is big money. Hundreds of millions of dollars are distributed every month. With all that money, fraud opportunities can pop up anywhere.

The 13abc I-Team has complied a look at fraud instances our local counties have seen over the last few years. See below for county by county program violations: