I-Team Investigation: The Unsolved Mystery of Baby Doe

TOLEDO (13abc Action News) - It’s a mystery like Toledo police have not seen in a long time.

Someone finds a baby dead inside a car. Nearly 9 months after that discovery investigators still have no idea who that baby is.

It was on Vaness Drive where the mystery began in May of 2017.

A baby found dead. No parent has come forward, leading to no idea who the baby is.

Four blankets on the passenger side of a mid-sized vehicle on May 11th was the final resting place for the baby only known right now as Baby Doe.

We know he's a boy, no more than 2 months old and that's just a guess by investigators. That's about all they know.

The 13abc I-Team asked Toledo police how rare it is to have a case where the victim is not identified.

“I can't remember one to where nobody has taken responsibility. No one has come forward to help us ID people," said Lieutenant Dan Gerken of the Toledo Police Department.

So far no one will admit to what happened in the 2400 block of Vaness. When the baby boy was found inside the car, he was already dead. But it's not clear for how long.

13abc obtained the coroner's report. It sheds little light on this case. That report says size and organ weights close to newborn. There was no evidence of trauma. Toxicology results were negative. No anatomic or toxicological cause of death in decomposed remains. The manner of death is undetermined.

"We have very little to go on,” said Gerken.

"I haven't heard anything. Even from day one," said neighbor Anita Campbell.

Campbell had just moved back to this neighborhood when that homeowner found the baby. She would have never imagined something like this happening, especially with the mystery surrounding it.

"Because I know the area and it was an isolated incident yeah it makes me feel uneasy initially because I had just moved into the neighborhood," said Campbell.

The baby’s remains still at the Lucas County Coroners' office. No one has claimed the remains to give this baby a proper burial.

Police now look to help from science. They have entered the baby's DNA into the state's database, hoping to get a hit. Of course it would not be a hit on the baby's DNA but maybe a hit from a family member, giving them some clue to a parent.

"It's the only avenue we have right now until someone gives us some information and direction that's what we have," said Lt. Gerken.

The hope now is that someone speaks up. Someone or some people know how that baby ended up in these blankets.
"Come forward. Help us out. The baby deserves better," said Lt. Gerken.

"Give that baby some peace, give the neighborhood some peace so we can kinda move on with everything. It's kinda been left in limbo for a long time," said Campbell.

Even basics of this child were hard to come by. Because of decomposition the coroner's office was not even able to determine the baby's race.

So police now need your help. They need people to call with any piece of information, anything leading to this child getting some sort of closure.

As for the home where the baby was found and the people living there Toledo police say those people have been helpful and cooperative. They are not believed to have anything to do with the baby's death.