Ice jams cause concern with frigid temps and a weekend warm up

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(WTVG) - Parks around the area are cold and quiet as the deep freeze sets in across the area.

It's what's coming next that's been cause for some concern.

"The weekend we're in the 30s and there's that amazingly warm air," 13abc First Warning Chief Meteorologist Jay Berschback said referencing the weekend forecast.

And with that warmer air, there's a possibility for ice jams and flooding along local rivers.

"This is probably going to be an ongoing situation because as the temperatures warm this weekend the ice will probably move," Scott Carpenter, Metroparks spokesperson said.

Right now, the banks of the Maumee are frozen, but River road at Side Cut metropark has already been closed in case of possible flooding.

"It's something we're used to," Carpenter said. "It is a flood plan so it is what flood plains do."

But the threat of an ice jam is real and could have destructive consequences.

"By the time we really had everything up and running again, it was a full year," Neil Munger, director of the Wood County Park District said.

Munger points specifically to March of 2015 when massive ice chunks tore through Buttonwood Park, leaving nearly nothing behind.

"We had some holes in the driveway that were four feet deep where the water just scoured everything out," Munger said.

Hull Prairie road, leading to the Wood county park is already underwater, and time will tell whether it will get worse.

For now, the plan is to watch and wait because once it starts, it can't be stopped.

"Mother Nature does what Mother Nature is going to do," Munger said. "So, we pretty much have to roll with it and clean up after her."

In the meantime, the Metroparks and the Wood County Park District will be closed Wednesday and Thursday due to the dangerous temperatures.