Ice sailing returns to Toledo

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TOLEDO (13abc Action News) - Now that the ice has set on the water, the Toledo Ice Yacht Club is back, sailing the Mighty Maumee's mouth.

The nearly century old club held the "Grinner Open" yesterday and raced a variety of boats out on the ice. They call the ice "hard water," instead of the "soft water" sailed upon during warmer months.

"Hard water being when it`s cold and you need to bundle up a bit and soft water is more like the summer time where you can wear shorts and t- shirts while getting a tan."

We spoke with two former commodores with the Toledo Ice Yacht Club and they told us the difference between a sail boat and an ice boat.

"Well the speed factor ... its the same when your trying to tack in the wind you have to tack and jive. Everything is the same as when you're soft water sailing; it's just a lot faster and you have to have quicker reactions too," Tim Crites said.

"Cause when you're sailing and you have 15 boats coming around the mark about the same time you have to know who has the right of way and who doesn't."

For more information about the T.I.Y.C. you can head over to their Facebook page.