Imagination Station pedestrian bridge torn down

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Summit Street is back opened after being closed on several blocks this past week.

Construction crews worked all weekend to tear down the iconic pedestrian crosswalk connecting Imagination Station to the Four Seagate Parking Garage.

Glass was removed from the structure before chopping the bridge into sections and removing it completely today.

"It's a little bit weird now to see it not be there but it certainly opens up the space," says Toledoan Melissa French.

Toledo City Council approved the decision to tear down the bridge as part of a $10 million renovation. Keybank is funding the upgrades at Imagination Station, which will include the new Keybank Discovery Theater inside the science center.

Imagination Station will be under construction for the next year but you can still visit the exhibits by walking through a new outdoor entrance behind the blue fencing on the street-front.

"We had team members out on the street to help guide visitors in,” says Imagination Station’s Chief Scientist Carl Nelson. “Everybody's just dealing with it. They're finding their way and we have enough signs and enough navigation to get people into the science center.”