Imam spreads a message of hope and healing while community mourns Officer Dia

Published: Jul. 6, 2020 at 4:28 PM EDT
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Imam Ahmad Deeb is the leader at the Islamic Center of Greater Toledo. He says the community must come together and be there for Anthony Dia's family even after the memorial service. He says, "At a time like this, some families need space, but at the same time its incredible alienating, isolating, and lonely process, to grieve by yourself to lose your husband, who is a father of your two young kids, so we do our duties, we have to remind ourselves that we have to go beyond that of our condolences, it should not be sent on the day of, they should extend through our service even after."

Officer Dia has close toes to the Islamic Center. A relative serves in leadership here. Imam Deeb says we are living in uncertain times, but he believes everything we are experiencing in 2020 is not God's punishment, but God signs. He says, "In Muslim faith we don't believe that this is a punishment, it may be a test for us to rise to a challenge to have faith what is being taught here and really the sign being shown here, the ultimate sin is are we going to continue living as disconnected individualistic, members of a collective, cause we are part of a collective whether we like it or not." Imam Deeb says we must come together across faith lines, across ethnic lines, and form authentic relationships. He believes that is the key to hope and healing.