In Touch w/ Jeff Smith - Algal Angst

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TOLEDO (13abc Action News) - The City of Toledo recently declared an end to the 2017 algal bloom season on Lake Erie.

But instead of a collective sigh of relief, there seemed to be another collective holding of the breath.

That declaration came after a weeks-long order to avoid recreational contact with the Maumee River because of harmful, toxic algae.

According to the city, weather conditions did a number on this year's bloom, paving the way for a stretch of green slime to form up and down the Maumee River, and not just out on Lake Erie like in years past.

What's to say 2018 will be any different?

Studies by the National Wildlife Federation and the Environmental Protection Agency show the efforts to "stem the tide" aren't making the necessary dent. In fact, they say there are benchmarks that need to be met by 2020. They point to reductions in nutrient runoff and phosphorous concentrations. Some say we won't get anywhere close to where we need to be.

So, do you have algal angst?