In-person voting expected in November election


TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - As the March primary election finally comes to a close, nearly two months later than it should have, it's time to start looking toward November.

All indications are that in-person voting will return.

Lucas County wrapped the March election as the Board of Elections certified the results Monday.

In the March primary election of 2020, one of the most popular places became the drop box where thousands across our area dropped off ballots after in-person voting was suspended just one day before the former March 17 election day.

"Let's hope we can get back to normal, in some respects by November,” said Board of Elections member David Karmol.

That's why Boards of Elections in Lucas County and other counties are preparing now. Will people physically head back to the polls? Right now, it's yes.

"We'll see in-person voting. We'll take precautions. We'll keep people protected,” said Karmol.

“We'll do everything we can to make in-person voting happen and safe in November,” said Board of Elections member Kurt Young.

You may see fewer precincts, and inside them more spacing and sanitary needs to keep people safe. Mail-in absentee voting and in-person early voting may become more popular.

You may also see the Ohio Secretary of State mail all registered voters an absentee application. In this March election, people had to download it then mail the application.

The mail was a major issue. As the I-Team told you last week, three Lucas County ballots were not counted even though they were postmarked property but arrived too late.

"Some folks wants to privatize the post office and want to kill it off, so our mail goes to the Detroit area to be processed. That slows things down a lot," said Young.

"The mail service had problems in terms of their operation, so I don't want to criticize anyone in this time. It's just an unprecedented situation," said Karmol.

No Lucas County races changed after all the mail-in votes were counted. That includes Toledo's proposed income tax increase that still failed by 10 percentage points.