Emotional surprise for three siblings at Whitehouse school

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WHITEHOUSE (WTVG) - On the first day of class at Lial Catholic School in Whitehouse, three siblings got the surprise of a lifetime.

Justice Coutcher is in The U.S. Navy. He's stationed in Jacksonville, Florida. Justice hasn't been home since he left for boot camp in March, but that all changed Thursday,

He surprised his sister Tessa and brothers Beckett and Jackson during a flag-raising ceremony at Lial. The three thought they were just raising the flag, but Justice had planned a special reunion. As their backs were turned to him, Justice snuck up on them. Needless to say, there were tears of joy and lots of smiles among the siblings.

It all came together in a matter of hours. Sister Pat McClain is the Principal at Lial. She was in on the big surprise, and helped come up with ideas to make it all work.

After surprising his sister and brothers, Justice surprised his parents and other family members.

Justice is home through Monday.