Independent investigation begins at Toledo private school

Toledo (13abc Action News) - Accusations from parents and now an independent investigation at one of Toledo's most exclusive schools.

The administration at Maumee Valley Country Day School will get a second set of eyes to look over accusations against the boys basketball program. That comes after a mass email making serious claims.

The leader of the school says he thought the issues were addressed but when hundreds of people got the email in the last few days, it was clear the issues are not going away.

The email has all kinds of allegations against the boys basketball program. Everything from questionable backgrounds of adults connected to the program to alleged staffing misconduct.

"These are issues I've been dealing with for the last 9 months. So I'm familiar with the concerns of the parent and have addressed them," said Head of School Gary Boehm.

Boehm says he was disappointed when the email went out from a group called MVCDS concerned basketball parents. The school emailed parents back saying in part: “This issue involves a few disgruntled parents" and “MVCDS does not tolerate bullying or harassment of any kind" and "the school has addressed the concerns of these disgruntled parents and will continue to work with them."

"As we continue to look into the issues, we will be communicating with our parents," said Boehm.

Among the allegations, the letter questions the background of 4 people who the letter says are coaches. Boehm would not confirm the position of the 4 individuals or talk about their backgrounds. He would not even give the names of people in a team photo from last year.

"I'm not going to go into any individual names or individual people at the school, there are personnel privacy laws that prohibit me from doing that," said Boehm.

But he has agreed to bring in an independent investigator.

"Because this anonymous letter went out to our full community so we felt like we'd addressed the issue with the parents who were concerned and because they've made it a larger issue for our community we think it best to bring in someone else independently and looked at some of the same things I’ve looked at to make sure we've done everything we can," said Boehm.

Another allegation is that the program has an “exclusionary win at all costs” approach. Boehm counters that saying while they do want to win, they actually have a no cut policy allowing all the kids who want to play, a chance.

13abc will stay on top of this independent investigation as it develops.