How Many Bathrooms are on the International Space Station? (and details on this evening's flyover)

Toledo, OH The International Space Station will pass over the area between 7:21pm-7:25pm this evening. The partly cloudy skies are expected to begin to clear this evening giving most at least a partial view of the flyover.

Here are some interesting facts about the ISS:

-The ISS was launched on 11/20/1998
-The solar array is 38,400 square feet (8 basketball courts). The light you see as you view the ISS is the sun's light reflecting off of the ISS and its solar panels.
-It's traveling at 17,500 mph
-The ISS has 2 bathrooms, a gym and about the same living area as a 6-bedroom house

Enjoy the flyover!

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-Chief Meteorologist Jay Berschback