Investigators looking for crooks using skimmers on gas pumps

TOLEDO, Ohio (13abc Action News) - Identity thieves at it again here in northwest Ohio but this time we have a good look at who they are.

They're part of a 3 county crime spree and you might have the tip investigators need to bring them in.

The suspects are believed to have put a skimmer on a gas pump in the 9900 block of Central Avenue at Ozzy’s gas station. That’s very close to the Fulton/Lucas County line.

Lucas County Auditor Anita Lopez says this is the first external skimmer her office has seen. Other reported skimmers were inside the gas pumps.

Lopez says the crooks used this information to buy things at Walmarts in Lucas, Fulton and Defiance counties.

“We need to think about common sense. We use credit cards at gas stations, many of us will pay with credit cards. If you see a machines that appears to be tampered with, it's been tampered with. If you think it's been tampered with trust your gut feeling know that it has been tampered with," said Lucas County Sheriff John Tharp.

You’re urged to call police if you recognize these thieves.