Irma forces UT graduate to depart Florida Keys for Orlando

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FLORIDA (WTVG) - Many people in the line of Hurricane Irma's destruction are finding safe places to stay elsewhere.

Jason Koler is a graduate of The University of Toledo and lives in the Florida Keys. Koler told 13abc on Saturday that his family evacuated to Orlando.

"We're kinda just waiting and see what happens," said Koler. "How much damage there is at our house."

Koler said he predicts his home, his mother's home and his businesses will be destroyed. He said he owns a newspaper called the Keys Weekly.

Koler is watching closely to see if Irma will twirl through Miami.

"Everyone's got their fingers crossed that there's not going to be any bridges out," Said Koler. "We're hoping none of those bridges get knocked out because that's also our water supply."

While Koler waits for the hurricane to hit he said he has a plan for his family.

"I'll probably head north to Toledo, drop off my kids, and my dogs and figure out how to get back to my home," added Koler.

Koler said people from Woodville, OH said they will help him rebuild in Florida.