Irma forces many to depart Tampa while others ride out the storm

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FLORIDA/MISSISSIPPI (WTVG) - Hurricane Irma has forced people out of their homes in Tampa, Florida. However, some people decided to ride out the storm.

(Image Source: Brandon Beyer / Twitter / MGN)

Amanda George said she is from Michigan and her boyfriend is from Toledo. They decided to stay in Tampa with friends and their animals.

"We've got safe rooms for us once the wind picks up," said George. "It's definitely scary, but we don't feel like we could be any safer anywhere else at this point."

George said a 6 p.m. curfew is in place. She is also paying close attention to alerts.

"The alerts are saying that we've got hurricane warnings, tornado watch, flood river warnings, surge warnings, pretty much all the warnings you can think of that are bad," added George.

Not everyone took the chance of staying in Tampa.

Eddie Luiso and Lynne Knight packed up their RV and drove from Tampa Bay to Mississippi.

"It was a little hairy there for a while because the gas gauge was getting down and I was a little worried and scared about finding gas," said Luiso.

Luiso said they made it to a gas station and then the next task was finding a campground.

"It was tough finding someone that actually had room for us," said Knight.

In the end, it's wishing for the best in all situations.

"We're just hoping and praying that our family and our friends and our homes are okay when we go home," added Knight.