Is bridge project in the Maumee River affecting ice jams?

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - 13abc has received some questions from viewers about the ice jams and whether a bridge project on the Maumee River is making them worse. Now the 13abc I-Team is getting some answers.

If you've traveled the Ohio Turnpike over the Maumee River in Toledo you've probably seen an old rail bridge running alongside of you. Trains haven't been on it for years but some worry it's having an impact on our community for a different reason.

It's not even a full rail bridge these days. Half of the old Upper Maumee River swing bridge is gone. It spans the Maumee with Toledo on one side and Perrysburg on the other. The project which began last fall to bring it down has been a complicated one.

That work included the construction of a causeway of rock under the bridge used by the construction company to get equipment under the bridge to bring it down.

One causeway currently sits under the side closest to Toledo. There was one on the Perrysburg side as that half came down.

Some have worried the causeway is causing an ice jam upstream, creating flooding problems along riverfront areas. ODOT isn't worried about the causeway.

That's the agency in charge of the bridge demo. A spokesperson says ODOT is using a contractor for the project, a contractor that originally said it would keep the causeway until December when the bridge was down.

It's now February and the bridge is still up. So is the causeway but ODOT says the December date was never mandated by the state. ODOT did ask for specifications on the causeway.

That causeway is supposed to handle twice the highest monthly flow of water and if ice hits, the ice is supposed to go over the causeway or break through parts of it.

While 13abc was there Thursday we did not spot any ice on the causeway. There is a decent amount of water moving in that area.

For people still concerned about the causeway this is will be the last winter for it. The bridge project is expected to wrap-up this summer.