James Ramey headed back to Ohio for charges

TOLEDO (13abc Action News) - James Ramey is headed back to Ohio.

Ramey, 27, faced a judge in Fulton County, Indiana Wednesday morning and he waived his rights. Ramey is facing a charge of aggravated murder for the shooting death of his ex-girlfriend, Amanda Mangas.

Police say he busted into the home on Fernwood in Delta and shot Mangas before kidnapping their 10-month-old son and Mangas's step-mother.

The suspect and both hostages were found 3 hours away from Delta, where the crime started. Police say Ramey is expected to face additional charges, including kidnapping.

The family tells us before he took off, sparking an Amber Alert, Ramey made Deborah Mangas call 911. Here's a portion of the verbatim of that phone call.

Caller: I need an ambulance at 901 Fernwood. There's been a shooting.
Dispatcher: A what?
Caller: She's been shot in the heart.
Dispatcher: Who has?
Dispatcher: Somebody, somebody that lives at the residence was shot.
Dispatcher: How do you know that she's been shot?
Caller: Because I heard it.
Dispatcher: you heard the gunshot?
Caller: Yes.
Dispatcher: Ok, but it's not confirmed?
Caller: I can't say anything else ma'am.

There is also now a Go Fund Me page dedicated to raising funds for Amanda Mangas's young son. Click on the link to be directed to the page.