Jeep enthusiasts excited about 2018 Wrangler

TOLEDO, Oh (WTVG) - Three thousand miles from home, the 2018, Toledo-built Wrangler made its debut.

"The dash looks really good," one Wrangler owner said watching the live stream.

Many of the Jeep-faithful made sure to see it first hand, despite the distance. One group was the Glass City Crawlers. The group has a passion for the Wrangler.

"They're one of a kinds," Mark Kinsey, Glass City Crawlers, said. "Once you own one, you'll always own one."

"I've been a 'Jeeper' my whole life," Thomas Wilson, Glass City Crawlers, said. "I just like to support the Toledo community."

The new Wrangler didn't disappoint. Crawlers say it was a classic blend of old and new.

"I really like the bigger tire wells," Keri Porter said.

"The fenders are a little different, the bumpers are different and the wheel packages are different," Wilson told 13abc.

But for this adventurous bunch, it wasn't only about the look. They say the real test is done off of the highways.

"I'm just dying to see what it's going to do on the trails," Wilson said.

But one of the biggest draws is where it's built. By supporting the product, they're supporting the hard-working men and women of Toledo.

"It's quality and it's workforce," Kinsey said. "Toledo's got a great workforce. Not only the Jeep plant but all the plants that feed the Jeep plant."

"It's great to have Jeep and all the heritage that goes with it here in Toledo," Wilson said.