Job opportunities in nuclear security come to Toledo

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - The closest many of us here in northwest Ohio will ever get to nuclear energy is Davis-Besse. But UT students talked with recruiters today about the opportunity to work in nuclear security.

It was a first for the University of Toledo, let alone Ohio.

Lisa Gordon-Hagerty is the Administrator with the National Nuclear Security Administration explains, “First time ever visiting the State of Ohio, and what better place to start than the University of Toledo."

Rep. Marcy Kaptur says that northwest Ohio offers a stellar future workforce for the industry. She says, "Whether it's nuclear energy, natural gas, some type of hydrogen-produced energy, whatever the form is, solar energy, and our region has the ability to compete. Our people are intelligent, they're hard-working."

Recruiters with the National Nuclear Security Administration, or NNSA, are visiting only ten universities around the country. And Dr. Sharon Gaber says UT makes a perfect partner to help students get into the field.

She explains, "We are one of eight engineering programs in the country with mandatory co-op programs. They're even interested in taking our students into the co-op and giving them the opportunity to sort of try it out and see if they might be interested in a long-term opportunity with them."

But recruiters aren't just looking for college grads, or those in the engineering field. They're looking to fill all kinds of positions, from human resources, to science, to law.

Amy Moran is a recruiter with Consolidated Nuclear Security "I think it's one of the most exciting kinds of jobs you can have. I'm interacting with folks every day that are specialists that do jobs no one else in the world does."

The NNSA is looking to fill jobs in 7 states and Washington DC. If you're interested in applying, click here.

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