July Fourth Holiday Travel

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Toledo (13abc) The Automobile Association of America reports more than two million people from Ohio and Michigan will be traveling for the July Fourth holiday. That is a three percent increase over last year.

The AAA says the top travel destinations for people from our region are:

1. Myrtle Beach, SC
2. Gatlinburg, TN/Smoky Mountains
3. Mackinac Island, MI
4. Mammoth Caves, KY
5. Various Local Destinations

While some people will fly to their destinations, most will drive. The AAA has some advice for drivers.

1. Plan ahead: Have an alternate route mapped.
2. Leave early in the morning to avoid heavy traffic.
3. Do a basic vehicle check including tire pressure, fluids, and lights.
4. Look before you lock to avoid accidental lock-outs.

AAA reports gas prices should hold steady, but you may want to fill-up in Ohio rather than Michigan. Ohio gas prices are about 19 cents a gallon less than those in Michigan.