Junkie Hunters Part 2: Local Lawmakers Step In

The practice of Junkie Hunting is outlawed in Florida. Ohio State Senator Randy Gardner is looking into drafting legislation to change the practice of taking kick backs for referring heroin addicts to treatment centers.

The Patient Brokering Act was passed last year in Florida making patient referrals illegal, California is also debating new legislation to outlaw the practice as well. Ohio lawmakers and law enforcement officers are working together to see if a similar law should be enacted in Ohio.

Current law does not prohibit the practice of giving kick-backs to independent marketers or recruiters who search homeless shelters, or recovery support meetings to lure heroin addicts to treatment centers. In exchange for delivering a patient with private insurance, the centers will often give that person a "finders fee" of anywhere from 500 to 1000 dollars. In return the facility stands to make hundreds of thousands of dollars in insurance payments.