Homeless kittens receive life-saving surgery at Toledo clinic

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TOLEDO (WTVG) - Humane Ohio is caring for several kittens that had life-threatening medical issues. More than half the litter needed surgery because of an infection.

A cat and her six kittens were rescued by a woman in Lima. She brought them to Humane Ohio to be fixed and to get the medical care most of them so desperately needed.

Four of the kittens had an eye that was severely infected. According to Humane Ohio, it was a viral infection that spread within the litter. Because of the infection, the eyes ruptured. The four kittens had an eye removed last week. The other two kittens did not need to have an eye removed.

They are all doing well with the foster family who is caring for them. They are expected to be up for adoption in the next couple weeks after their stitches are taken out.

The mom was feral, so she was fixed and returned to her outdoor territory. The two kittens that did not need to have an eye removed are in need of a foster home.

Humane Ohio can always use volunteers and donations. We've posted links.