LPGA Marathon Classic has donated millions to local children's charities

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - The LPGA Marathon Classic is more than just a major golf tournament. It's a huge fundraiser for 23 local children's charities.

The Ronald McDonald House is a home away from home for families with a sick child.

"We want to make sure if they land here with just the clothes on their back we can do the rest because we want them to be able to focus on their child getting better and have no other worries," said Chad Bringman, Executive Director of the Ronald McDonald House of Northwest Ohio.

Right now, 11 families are staying in the Ronald McDonald House across from the Toledo Children's Hospital. This year, the house underwent an expansion. Now, 28 families can stay at a time. In addition to somewhere to sleep, families have access to food, laundry, a living room and a playroom. Often times, Ronald McDonald houses families with NICU babies.

"Children can't always advocate for themselves...We're the ones that advocate, and how do you advocate? Through your dollars," said Dr. Shanda Gore.

Gr. Gore facilitated the panel at the Women's Summit. Tuesday, a record $100,000 was raised from that event alone.

"Over the last 34 years a total of 11.8 million dollars has impacted the area, so we're very excited about that," said Dr. Gore.

At the Ronald McDonald House, everything is free. And that's something Executive Director Chad Bringman says wouldn't be possible without this kind of support.

The organization depends on $50,000 from the Marathon Classic every year.

"Without the tournament, we'd like to still think we'd be free to families, but things like that would really take a hit and we would have to really consider our business model no doubt about it. So, the tournament is a big part of why those families have nothing to worry about other than their child getting better," said Bringman.

The Ronald McDonald House has been a partner with the tournament since it began 35 years ago. That charity is just one of 23 local children's charities receiving funds from the Marathon Classic this year.