Lake Erie hits new record high water level, more to come

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TOLEDO, OH (WTVG) – The US Army Corps of Engineers confirmed Tuesday that the Great Lakes are filled to the brim, and Lake Erie and Lake Ontario are leading the pack. The average water level on Lake Erie during the month of June was the highest ever recorded for any month beating out the old record set in 1986 and also the high water mark set in May of this year. Lake Erie's average June water level hit 574.61 feet according to the US Army Corps of Engineers preliminary data. The lake is expected to rise another 2" during the month of July which would set another all time record high for the lake. Lake St. Clair, and Lake Ontario also set all time record high water levels. Lake Superior recorded the highest June water level ever recorded, but it fell just short of the highest water level on record. Water level records started on the Great Lakes in 1918. High water levels make the area vulnerable to lakeshore flooding and erosion when the wind comes off of the lake.