Lake Erie water takes center stage at UT

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TOLEDO (WTVG) -- A talk about toxic algae on Lake Erie can be one disgusting discussion.

"You know, it's the drinking water that we all pour down our throats and make coffee with," says attorney Dan Camick.

It's also personal, emotional and very close to home.

"I've lived on the lake all my life," adds Dick Ellenberger. "I fish, I sail. So, I've always been interested in environmental issues."

The health of the lake took center stage at The University of Toledo College of Law during the 17th annual Great Lakes Water Conference.

A lot of speakers at the 2017 gathering may have differing opinions on how best to serve the public when it comes to water quality. The conference takes all those ideas to the forefront to shed light on them.

"We try to bring all that here and hopefully solve some problems," explains Ken Kilbert, Director of the Legal Institute of the Great Lakes.

Every year, there's a variety of water-related issues and a swath of solutions.

"These are the people that deal with it day in, day out. Both on the legal side, both pro and con," says State Representative Mike Sheehy.

"One of the answers that is emerging from this is let's continue to build on the successes we've had," adds Lucas County Commissioner Carol Contrada.

Filtering through the talk that happens here could eventually help filter the muck that happens on the lake.