Lakeshore flooding strikes Luna Pier for second time in less than one week

LUNA PIER, Mich. (WTVG) - In Luna Pier the power of Lake Erie once again forced people from their homes.

"The police department came with the siren and horn saying everybody has to evacuate," said Luna Pier resident Lazaro Mendez.

Sunday afternoon strong winds, gusting up to 30 miles an hour, stirred up the lake and sent waves crashing on shore and into people's homes.

"It just would not stop," said Mendez. "It kept pounding and the waves were really high."

Mendez has lived in the lakeside city for more than 20 years. He rode out the flood in his Allen Cove home but prepped for the worst.

"It just kept pouring over the wall and that's when we decided to start lifting everything off the floor—the furniture and everything else," said Mendez.

For most of the afternoon neighbors were advised to stay away from the area and the road to the neighborhood was closed. It's the second time in less than five days that people had to deal with lakeshore flooding.

"Do you ever get tired of dealing with this?," asked 13abc reporter Michael Bratton. "In the middle of the storm I'll get tired of it," replied Mendez. "I'll want to leave, you know?"

The southern part of Allen Cove was hit the hardest. Even with pumps running the water was easily ankle high, and deeper in some spots, when 13abc's crews were on scene.

"It came up just as fast," said Luna Pier mayor Jim Gardner of the water. "When it's rolling over that quick you just can't keep up."

City crews brought in four industrial pumps to get the water out quickly. Despite those efforts the mayor says at least six homes took on water.

"You know this is in the cards and you deal with it," said Gardner.

While it can be a real pain, neighbors say they know what they signed up for as it's all just a part of life on a lake.

"You've got to take the good with the bad," said Mendez.