Lamborghini debuts Urus SUV on American soil

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The Detroit Auto Show is all about American carmakers -- but one European company is trying to make a fast car a little more family friendly.

Meet Lamborghini’s newest super car, which isn’t even a car. It’s an SUV, the Urus, with a top speed of 190 miles per hour. But you better get that checkbook ready.

“Welcome to Lamborghini,” the project’s manager told a packed house at the MOCAD.

Luxury SUVs are nothing new. But the Urus has a base price of 200 grand, with almost 650 horses under the hood.

“The super SUV. And we are doing this in Detroit. The car city,” Lamborghini’s CEO said.

“The Motor City is the heart of all things automotive in the States,” Instagram star and Porsche aficionado Magnus Walker said.

Lamborghini’s bosses think the Urus will vastly increase the Italian car maker’s foot hold in America, with both soccer moms and serious drivers.

“Today is really something special,” the project leader said.

That’s why they unveiled the SUV for the first time on American shores Monday night. That comes after a record year of sales.

“Seems to be impossible until last year was possible for us,” Lamborgini’s CEO said.

The event was held at a modern art museum, not the Cobo, with enough vintage Lambos to make any kids dream come true.

“I’m in love with the Cuntach over there. It’s like stepping back to 1980,” Walker said. “Just a great environment. I always say it doesn’t matter what you drive. Just get out and drive.”

Just give us the keys first.